Trade Union Barnet cuts, cocktails and coffee all under one roof as Grand Union collective open new bar out East
Thomas More Square, London, E1W 1YW

What they say:

Forget just going for a drink. The Grand Union bar group have come up with this brand new concept for a huge industrial space in Wapping where you can pop in to the barbers, enjoy a drink at the bar, admire flower arrangements and tuck into fresh sourdough pizzas all in one cool, concrete clad space. Pioneering a new type of experience, Trade Union is the new era of 'bar' in London.

What we say:

Combining cafe culture with floristry, mixology and barnet trims is something of an unusual arrangement, but if you know anything about flowers (we don't) then edging into different displays is probably, almost definitely the way to go. And anyway, Londoners are always wrapped up in being busy, so imagine getting all of your tasks done under one roof. From beard to bar and from one of London's biggest and fun-time bar collectives, Grand Union, this vision arises and we feeeeeel it.