New bar spy - Tonica

People behind gin hotel open new Exmouth Market bar serving quirky vodka and gins


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April 2018

What they say:

Gin lovers of London have yet another reason to rejoice as The Distillery (the people behind London's first gin hotel and Portobello Road Gin) open an East London venue. Tonica, named after Notting Hill sister restaurant GinTonica, is opening in Exmouth Market. The new spot will be a date-perfect combination of tapas influenced by Spain and the Basque region, while there will be an onsite still creating unusual spirits such as avocado vodka and butter gin.

What we say:

If you like your gins served in a giant Spanish goblet, with unusual flavours and brewed onsite, then this is the spot for you. Tonica is opened with some serious gin credentials behind it; from the original still used to create Portobello Road gin in the basement, through to the knowledgeable team. Plates will be snack size and sharing, with dishes such as cold cuts, seafood and patatas bravas, all perfect for mopping up those many G&Ts.