Tank and Paddle - London Bar and Restaurant Review

Joining the pizza and craft beer scene in November 2016, Late Night London opened Tank and Paddle with high hopes. Needing a mid-week pick me up, I ventured here on a Wednesday for some quality time with two of my favourite things.

The Venue

Opening its doors in November of last year, you’ll find Tank and Paddle tucked down a couple of steps at number 3 Mincing Lane. Formerly known as Agenda, the venue has been given a much needed face-lift to carry it away from its past clubbing repertoire. The space, which has a capacity for over 600 standing, now comprises of two large Meantime Brewery tanks that proudly sit on top of one another at the entrance, tall rectangular oak tables, funky industrial lighting and comfortable tanned leather seating.

Aiming for a simultaneously fun and laid back hangout, you’ll find a 12-foot shuffleboard and giant Jenga blocks to help you pass the evening at this city watering hole. Bundles of polaroid pictures are stuck behind the venue’s lengthy bar and dozens of beer related puns are handwritten on cutlery and condiment stands. Although you have to canter up to the bar to make food and drink orders, it’s all part of the experience and is hassle-free thanks to the crafty staff. While you're waiting for your favourite poison, you can marvel at the open kitchen.

Tank and Paddle London Pizza Review

Settle down for the evening of Jenga and beer at one of Tank and Paddle's high rise tables. 

The Food and Drink

Tank and Paddle’s menu is dissected into small sections and although it isn’t jam-packed with dishes, the options on offer carry the burden without fuss. Sectioned into pizza, salads, mac ‘n’ cheese and dough, my company an I ordered the Billy Goat’s Stuffed £8 with rosary goat’s cheese, spinach and red onion chutney and the Holy Smokes £7 that came topped with pulled chicken, smoked bacon strips and BBQ sauce. The Billy Goat’s Stuffed was by far the superior pizza with large, sweet dollops of chutney and just the right amount of goat’s cheese. The Holy Smokes had excellent presentation but the chicken was slightly dry; something I find quite regular when it comes to ordering pulled chicken, but the meaty chunks of bacon and thin base overtook the problem.

Avoiding eye contact with the salad section and gunning for some mac ‘n’ cheese, we went for the The Hot One £7. It was laced with pepperoni and thin slices of fresh chilli; like any good mac ‘n’ cheese side, it came served piping hot with gooey cheese bubbling on top. Onto dessert - looking at the dough section of the menu, it was inevitable that the Nutella Dough Balls £4 made their way from the kitchen onto our table. Warm, crispy and supporting a molten mess of Nutella at their core, it’s safe to say I’d put these balls in my mouth any day of the week... no questions asked. My partner and I washed our food down with a selection of the venue’s cocktails, all of which are priced at £8. If you have a sweet tooth, go for the Pornstar Martini; it was on the money with its punchy flavour. Always one for trial and error, I puckered my lips at a pint of Tank and Paddle’s Meantime Brewery Fresh. Served directly from their tank and at £5 a pop, they weren’t lying when they said it’s the freshest beer you can drink.

Tank and Paddle Review Restaurant

Scattered with goat's cheese and spinach, Billy's Goat Stuffed pizza is a must try. 

The Atmosphere

Wednesday night at Tank and Paddle was hopping. Was that pun intended? Yes it was. Although a bustling party occupied a large and semi-secluded area, the venue in general was buzzing, with barely any tables free. Offering cheesy pizzas, classic cocktails and craft beer, it doesn’t take a genius to work out the vibe of this city hideaway. The majority of people were suited and booted, but it couldn’t have been any more obvious that their minds were bar talking business. Essentially, Tank and Paddle is the type of venue where you wipe your feet and worries at the front door.

Tank and Paddle London Review Pizza and Beer

Fresh, craft pints for a fiver? Tank and Paddle have it nailed. 


Last week I had pizza. Not once, but four days in a row. Who started this cheesy madness? Tank and Paddle did. Their thin and generously topped slices left me hooked. Only three months open, their pizza, classic cocktails and craft beer combo is working like clockwork to satisfy the needs of London’s city folk. Will I be returning for more? I don't think you need me to answer that question.