Rosa's Thai Cafe Chelsea Thai Cafe Comes a Cropper in West London
246 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 9NA
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

Not content with just dishing up the same mushy rice and overdone Massaman, Rosa's presents the most authentic, fresh and delicious flavours Thai cuisine has to offer. Of course, there are the usual favourites available; such as Pad Thai and red and green curry. This is a great place to devour your favourites or explore the culture and sample more unusual dishes. Very reasonably priced, with mains coming in at about £9 to £15, this is a convenient and accessible taste of Thailand. 

What we say:

West London has been missing out on the taste of Rosa's impeccably executed and lovingly chosen menu. What's so special about Rosa's is the fresh, modern atmosphere combined with the heady scents of authentic Thai flavours. Not succumbing to the somewhat garish theme of many a noodle bar, this maintains its cafe vibe long into the night. What a great place for a cocktail and healing bowl of soothing noodle soup!