New bar spy - Magpie

Trolley service from dim sum inspired British restaurant Magpie


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Early '16

What they say:

Coming to you from the boys behind the East London movement, Pidgin, Magpie is another species of restaurant from the Hackney established James Ramsden and Sam Herlihy. Moving on from the seasonal plates at Pidgin, Magpie is inspired by the traditional Asian dining style of dim sum restaurants where everything comes on a trolley and it's a 'pick as your please' kind of mentality. 

What we say:

Branching out from Hackney to central London, the boys behind the restaurant Pidgin present their latest venture, Magpie. Keeping their head chef in tow, a menu of British small plates will be delivered by trolley bringing some Dim Sum dining style modern cuisines. Expect dishes like Chicken heart popcorn with hot sauce, Koji-grilled corn and Mussels with miso and beef dripping toast to grace your palate here.