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Farzi Café Brings Its Experimental Indian Cuisine To London For The First Time

Farzi Café

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2018 TBC

What they say:

After opening seven successful eateries across India, and one in Dubai, Massive Restaurants' Farzi Café brand will be making its way to London. Famed for its highly original and gastronomic take on classic Indian food, the restaurant, located on the site of the Haymarket Prezzo, the restaurant specialises in 'modernist cuisine' which sees those traditional Indian dishes and flavours brought into 2018 with the help of molecular gastronomy, customised equipment and plenty of table theatrics.

What we say:

The latest addition to the hugely successful Farzi Café brand will reportedly be taking over the site of the Prezzo Haymarket. Just a stone's throw from the Theatre Royal Haymarket, the restaurant's thoroughly modern take on Indian cuisine makes it fabulous pre or post-theatre dinner option, and all the culinary illusions and table theatrics means that you can probably give the actual theatre a miss.