Fancy an exotic trip to the Caribbean this Christmas? Well, we can’t exactly help you there... but we’ve found the next best thing - Camden’s Ma Petite Jamaica!


Located on Inverness Road - less than a minute's walk from Camden Town Tube Station - Ma Petite Jamaica provides North London with its very-own slice of the Caribbean. Step inside and you’re greeted by warm summertime vibes that’ll brighten up your winter blues - expect palm trees, radiant murals, and tables & chairs of every colour! Although it’s quite a small space, this bright and cheery Jamaican diner feels as open as the beaches of Montego Bay thanks to its electrifyingly vibrant make-up.

Ma Petite Jamaica Interior

As soon as you walk in, you can't help it, you immediately just feel happy!

Food And Drink

My plus one and I were off the sauce for the night, so we started our evening off with some mocktails instead (close enough right?). I opted for the Coconut Mango Smoothie whilst she fancied the Blue Mountain Spring Punch (both £4.50). These tropical treats were sweet, superbly mixed, and simply put, delightful - it was as though I’d started my meal with a dessert (and who doesn’t wanna do that!?).

For starters (the real course this time), I opted for the Jerk Chicken Skewers whilst my plus one tucked into the Chickpea and Pumpkin Curry (both £6.50). The skewers dish offered up delectable, tender chunks of chicken that came served with an accompanying peanut sauce - my kinda dish. But admittedly, the Chickpea and Pumpkin Curry was the standout starter. This mouthwatering pick came served up as a big, hearty portion - akin to the size of an expensive 'main' at most places - it packed a good kick (spice-wise), and it was loaded with flavour. A must try.

For mains, my plus one opted for the Jerk Burger (£9.50) whilst I went for the classically-Caribbean Curried Goat with Rice ‘n’ Peas (£10.50). The Jerk Burger was big and beefy - a solid choice. And although it's usually served up with chips, the fine folk here were happy to swap these out for sweet potato wedges at my plus ones request. My curry was delicious too - a warm, hearty dish. It came served up in two big bowls, one filled with deliciously-tender goat meat that just fell straight off of the bone, and the other brimming with rice and peas. Served up with a side salad and some fried plantain, this is exactly what you're here for - hearty and full flavoured Caribbean cuisine. 

Although we didn’t dabble in the tipples on offer, the drinks list focuses on rum-based cocktails (all of which looked splendid), and beer fans will be pleased to hear that Ma Petite Jamaica serves Red Stripe on tap.

Ma Petite Jamaica - Jerk Chicken Skewer Starter

Make no mistake, the Jerk Chicken Skewers are divine and come with our wholehearted recommendation... that should give you some indication of just how good the Chickpea and Pumpkin Curry is.

Atmosphere and Clientele

Much like the décor here, Ma Petite Jamaica boasts a vivacious spirit, with jovial vibes oozing from the staff and diners alike. On the subject of the clientele here, there was a diverse range folk eating and drinking the night away on my visit - young date night couples, groups of Caribbean old-timers, and everything in between - one thing was a constant though, they were all full of laughs and smiles. To add to the sprightly spirits here, the sounds of reggae, calypso and dancehall are pumped throughout the diner as guests jubilantly tuck into dishes of Caribbean cuisine and sip on tropical tipples all night long.  A warm, friendly, and effervescent eatery.

An assortment of diners eat and drink the night away, soaking up the feelgood vibes. 


With full-flavoured (and reasonably-priced!) dishes, expertly-mixed tropical tipples, and feelgood Caribbean vibes, Ma Petite Jamaica is the perfect place for a chilled-out meal with friends.