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Ah, the great British boozer. Us Londoners can’t get enough of them. But gone are the days of stodgy bangers ‘n’ mash, and instead, we usher in a new era for quality grub in chic but comfy surrounds. Some are even pushing the boundaries with bizarre cocktails and fresh ways to showcase their artistic flair. Enter The Cavendish Pub, a recently refurbished spot on the corner of a charming street in Marylebone.

The Cavendish Marylebone London Review | DesignMyNight

After The Cavendish Pub menu prices? We've included them throughout our review.

Following jostling past crowds at the gauntlet that is Bond Street, we arrived at The Cavendish Pub. You’ll be pleased to hear it couldn’t be further away from the aforementioned chaos, both in terms of energy and location. The area is properly fancy (we spotted a few Ferraris on the way) but don’t let you be fooled into believing that this is a hangout reserved for the uber posh, oh no, as you can be sure of the warmest of welcomes and a cosy, unpretentious atmosphere. Indeed, the pub was very busy downstairs with post-work drinks, but we headed up to the first floor to experience a gastronomic adventure…

The space was seriously stylish, think royal blue velvet sets, exposed brickwork, wood panels, enormous mirrors, white marble tables and trailing green plants. A huge Soho House-like statement light hung in the centre too, boasting globes that emitted an Instagrammable golden glow. To the far side, there was a fully stocked bar with deep purple stools; ideal if you wanted to hire out the whole area for private parties.

But let’s talk tipples. I was particularly drawn to this place because of the quirky cocktail offering, and they really didn’t disappoint here. Our rum-soaked Pistachio And Lemon Drizzle (£14) proved to be punchy yet creamy without being too sweet. It had a Baileys-esque feel, and the meringue foam on top highlighted classic flavours of the much-loved cake. Following on the sugary theme, my date’s white chocolate raspberry negroni (£14) was a delight. Cleverly mixed up and beautifully presented with a shard of choc, we couldn't get enough of the subtly fragrant botanical gin notes, sweet vermouth and Campari. Both of us were slightly afraid that these dessert-like sips would spoil our meals, but they didn’t as the drinks were well-balanced and totally unique.

The Cavendish London Review | DesignMyNight

The Cavendish Pub Marylebone is a sight for sore eyes.

As for The Cavendish Pub menu, expect all the elements of elegant European fare, with a particular focus on creativity and locally sourced ingredients. Things started off strong that evening, as my green asparagus (£12) dish was phenomenal. Best described as springtime on a plate, it brought together rocket, spinach, fresh peas, a citrusy dressing, radish and soft-boiled eggs, displayed in a gorgeous wreath shape with yellow edible flowers. My partner’s seared scallops (£15) were wonderful as well, just imagine four mollusc medals on a bed of contrasting textures; creamy ajo blanco and black garlic purée combined with fragments of crackling-esque squid ink rice crackers.

Next up? I opted for a selection of small plates as there wasn’t a vegetarian main, but honestly, that didn’t matter to me as I left the pub fully stuffed that night. Highlights include the layered wafer (£8) with pungent black truffle and well-seasoned mushroom pâté (extremely tasty mouthfuls served in a pretty wooden box), and four squares of lovely, herby potato mille-feuille (£8). Although I couldn’t detect much wild garlic in the emulsion, the delicate crunchy layers were delicious, and the pickled carrot was a great accompaniment. Both scored high for us; they were proper works of art. Also, the incredible attention to detail was evident in the jellied beetroot cannoli (£12), think gorgeous burgundy columns encasing a tangy, smoky goat's cheese filling, given added bite by the walnut gremolata. Oh, and the salty, paper-thin crisps on top were something else, I’d love to buy a bag of them. My other half gleefully cried about how happy he was with his choice of confit lamb shank (£32). Served on the bone, the juicy meat flaked off beautifully, and got even better when smothered in the carrot purée.

The Cavendish Pub London Reviews | DesignMyNight

Mark our words, we'll definitely be back for more.

We were now ready to rumble with more unusual cocktails. My strawberry and basil punch (£14) was as fresh as you like, gliding down the throat nicely with VIVIR tequila blanco and a selection of summer fruits, topped with grapefruit soda for sourness. It gave me candy-like flavours without being too overpowering. We did enjoy the nostalgic Peanut Butter Jelly Time (£14), shaken up with a massive glug of vodka, creme de mure and lemon sugar, but weren't keen on the tiny peanut bits that sank to the bottom, as they went a little mushy.

Not gonna lie, we were slightly tipsy by this point but made room for pudding. Our petit fours (£10) arrived in a treasure chest, and when opened, gave off fun Willy Wonka vibes with candy floss, a black forest lollipop, perfectly chewy meringue and a dainty yellow macaron. The white chocolate mousse (£8) was more savoury than expected (could be, in part, down to the basil syrup) but we still demolished everything, including the cocoa crumble and fruity compote, in record time. 

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Stop the search, as you’ve just read about a true hidden gem. The Cavendish Pub Marylebone menu gets a massive thumbs up, showcasing innovative, comforting and unusually presented plates without being gimmicky. We were blown away by the wow-worthy service from Karolina and the team, who are putting this fine independent boozer on the map. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

  💰 The damage: £175 for two, excluding service.

  📍  The location: 35 New Cavendish Street, W1G 9TR.

  👌 Perfect for: Swish catch-ups after work.

 ⭐ Need to know: It's a fantastic dog-friendly pub with dedicated pup menus.


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