Temple Brew House Aldwych - London Restaurant Bar Review

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Last updated . By Isabella Wardynska.

Having just set up shop in November, Temple Brew House is still a nipper on the micro brewery boozing scene but by no standards does that mean its not already made a firm stamp in the industry. With City folk flocking to this pub come rain or shine, we popped down for a pint (or two) of the craft beer action.

The Venue

Humble in size but perfectly rounded for its purpose, Temple Brew House is a subterranean drinking den where shabby, urban interiors meet a warm, comforting atmosphere spiced with hops. Three shining new fermentation tanks beckon you in off the street and as you descend the stairs you enter into a room of candlelit wooden tables, unmatched furniture and plaster stripped walls. This brewpub is a space of rustic, industrial charm with exposed pipework, metal light fixtures and hand drawn diagrams adorning the walls. The whole space oozes the kind of edgy urban existence you might find in Shoreditch, without the overdone hipster stereotypes or the standard trendy description. No, no, Temple Brew House is packaged with a no mess, no fuss philosophy, which I love. There's nothing fancy or try-hard about this place and that stars with the decor and extends right down to the hospitality of the staff. You come for the beer, and that is definitely what you get. 

Temple Brewhouse Venue

Wooden textures meet rough concrete in this underground boozer.

The Food & Drink

Now, we know the beer is good (trust) but the food is something of an undiscovered treasure trove at Temple Brew House. Having sampled the goods at a fair few brewpubs in my time, nothing has come close to the gluttonous satisfaction me and my plus one experienced here. Let me regail you with our munching fancies and see how you lose control of those salivating glands. Their menu is crafted with the sort of country sensibility that us shire gals adore; smokehouse goods, carnivorous chow and the kind of gastronomic pub grub that makes your favourite punter pad are what this place is all about.

After being stumped over the first quarter of the menu titled ever so playfully as 'Bits' we came across the Brew House Trays: 4 items for £22 or 8 items for £35 (with fries, dips and bread included)So without further prompting we eliminated the soup from our 8 item limit and took on the mighty meaty platter of Twice-cooked Sticky Pork Ribs & Slaw, Hotter Than Hell Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce, House-Smoked Brisket on Toast, Pan-seared Crayfish with Smoked Lardons, Onion Rings & Smokey Cheese Sauce and a Half-pint of Maple & Chili Bacon rashers. Greedy-chops come to mind doesn't it?  And me-oh-my we were. A tray of these show-stoppers, plus some extras, was delivered and devoured to much acclaim. The ribs were the star performer of the evening and a tribute to how all meaty treats should be cooked - tender, juicy and lathered in the most moreish of sweet BBQ sauces. All in all, I can't recommend the food here enough - all hail the Brewhouse tray. 

Now for the beer. We all know London loves a micro-brewery and that craft beer never disappoints, and so Temple Brew House can be added to the hop-tastic hangouts that this here City boasts. The bar is the central feature (quite rightly) with a front and centre metal board displaying all the taps on offer as well as the bottled beers. From Meantime to Beavertown, Camden Town or Lagunitas, the beer goggles blur looking at their list of glugging. They even stocked my favourite bottled brew all the way from down unda (Little Creatures)! SO it goes without saying, they got my vote and got me stuck into tasting all manner of hops, grains, ales and coloured blends with their cheeky Paddles of 3 1/3 Pints. Definitely worth it for anyone looking to explore or educate their beer taste. 

Temple Brewhouse Bar

Taps on taps on taps on taps of craft beer galore. 

The Atmosphere & Clientele

Without having to pigeon hole it's appeal, if it were in a place like Shoreditch, Temple Brew House hosted the likes of suited gents, business blokes, smart women and the usual spread of boozing boys and girls. The laid-back atmosphere of this pub-cum-bar is something to commend and there in lies its appeal. The staff are fantastically friendly, tentative at serving your beer needs and have hit the nail on the head when it comes to that punter hospitality, which is more often than not, hard to find in London.

Temple Brewhouse

A bar buzzing with hop-heads and beer enthusiasts. 

The Summary

It's refreshing to find a micro brewery off the usual Eastern trail and in the City without compromising on quality, atmosphere or appeal. Temple Brew House is an intimate brewpub where you sink back with a pint, tuck into indulgent foods and relax with some mates and a few board games, if you so wish. And with a Brewster (that's a female Brewer to you and I) behind their house craft Temp-Ale, this is only a testament to how diverse, individual and home grown Temple Brew House's character is.