New bar spy - Harlesden Picture Palace

Roll Out the Red Carpet - Harlesden Picture Palace Coming Soon to Harlesden

Harlesden Picture Palace

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Now Open

What they say:

Situated in an old iconic cinema, this venue will pay tribute to our old friend, the picture house, with cinematic memorabilia and trinkets sprinkled around, as well as a trendy vintage feel that is set to retain some of the previous theatre's original features. With an extensive drinks list, a traditional selection of quality pub food and a dance floor to boot, sit back, relax and have it all under one roof.

What we say:

This venue is set to reel you in (see what we did there?) with promises of seductive spirits, captivating craft beers and fine wines to keep you buzzing all night. Coming soon to this North West London location, it will have a 2am late-night license every Friday and Saturday alongside a dance floor (we all know where this combination will lead...) Running man meets the hokey cokey could be worthy of the big screen, after all.