New bar spy - The Clifton

Centuries old venue The Clifton that hosted King Edward VII to be rejuvenated thanks to modern pub menu

The Clifton

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Now Open

What they say:

After being closed for several years, the centuries-old pub The Clifton is re-opening under new management and a new lease of life. Keeping things traditional with a modern twist, the interiors maintain the comfy elements such as fireplaces and wood panelling while widening it up into an open-planned space. There are comfy armchairs and chesterfield sofas to sink into while sipping on one of their beers, supplied by local craft breweries. Open all-day weekdays, they plan to create a friendly working space with coffee available for freelancers and daytime dawdlers alike. Their wine menu, meanwhile, has been co-created with Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch wine sommelier Raul Diaz.

What we say:

The Clifton is centuries old and steeped in history, with even the likes of King Edward VII reportedly visiting there for secret trysts with his mistress, so it would be a shame if it just disappeared in time. Luckily, its revival comes with a rejuvenated food menu too, with the kitchen delivering what they call ‘Drinking House’ and ‘Eating House’ dishes. The former is filled with small plates perfect to eat with a drink, such as haggis sausage roll with famous grouse ketchup. The latter is for larger dishes, with many of the items being made from ingredients normally left off of menus, such as mutton, ox heart and pork cheek, hopefully creating some really unique dishes.