Temple Beach Club Australian Inpsired DJ Bar
Temple Place Temple Station, London, WC2R 2PH
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What they say:

Introducing Temple Beach Club, Walkabout€™s newest addition to the backpacker bar family.  Located in the adjoining room in Walkabout Temple, Temple Beach Club has landed and it€™s keen to inject a shot of life into what previously was the sleepy Australian themed bar. The South African and Australian style watering hole, which opened in 2008, has splashed some cash in an £800,000 refurbishment, crowning it with flagship status. Featuring a new wave design bar, expect top DJs, live entertainment, private luxury booths and 3D screens for sport.


The re-vamp includes cocktails, served in a suitcase and a drink in a welly (yes, you read right) whilst also hosting tribute bands such as Brainscape; Walkabout Temple incorporates innovative ideas with their classically casual Aussie style - a friendly balance that London certainly needs more of. Temple€™s Walkabout set-out to €œcreate an environment that increases the customers€™ €œenjoyment factor€, whether they have come to the venue for live sport, live music, to part hard, or to relax with a meal€. And it certainly does that. Whilst maintaining a chilled out atmosphere versatile enough to suit any crowd, Walkabouts newest addition welcomes everyone. Whether a hardcore sport fanatic who enjoys an icy glass of Fosters, or just simply wanting a good meal in an enjoyable atmosphere, Walkabout Temple€™s Beach Party Club is the place to go.

What we say:

Amongst the enchanting backdrop of London’s embankment you’ll find the Aussie mecca of drinking, relaxing and partying; Walkabout new Temple Beach Club. The revamped London bar offers new enticing features that transform the venue into a London party destination, with specilised playlists, high-end décor and a new stage. However, do not fear for the sense of fun, laid back atmosphere is still very much infused, with wacky cocktails like Beachbum Brew and Gidget Giggles to the affordability of a 2 course meal all under a tenner. With the ever-present possibility of torrential rain, Temple Beach Bar transports you to sunny Australia, all without the expense and hassle of a plane. So if you think you know Walkabout bars, then think again because Temple Beach Club has arrived, and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a one-way ticket to Melbourne.