New bar spy - Ealing Park Tavern

A storms a-brewin at new Ealing pub from ETM group

Ealing Park Tavern

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What they say:

Pub and restaurant group ETM have been busy putting down roots in the city and Docklands with The Jugged Hare and The Gun. Deciding that West London needs some love too, they're setting up shop with The Ealing Park Tavern in South Ealing. Not only a great pub and eatery offering seasonally inspired food, this joint will also boast a fully functioning brewery. Churning out beer, ales, cider and even spirits; a visit here will be a lively and interactive experience. 

What we say:

Although pubs are certainly great, a pub that comes complete with its own brewery is a bloody wonderland. The Ealing Park Tavern's get up and go attitude injects some unpretentious fun into the microbrewery scene; setting itself apart for its capacity to concoct not just beer but all manner of yummy beverages. Sounding promising in terms of interiors, a contemporary and fresh yet comfortable atmosphere will take hold and a glass screen will allow some kitchen voyeurism.