New Bar Spy - Galvanisers Union

East London Is Set To Be Galvanised

Galvanisers Union


Venue Closed

What they say:

Dating back to 1872, the historic building has been reimagined as the Galvanisers Union. A cool yet unpretentious pub which focuses its energy on providing an impressive drinks selection in a vintage and authentic decor. Equally serving fresh British pub food with a few modern touches, East London's drinking scene is reputed for a reason, with Galvanisers Union doing nothing but add to it.

What we say:

East London is awash with cool and trendy venues that implement themselves as members of the community, and Galvanisers Union is no different. Just within the confines of Zone 2, its long standing relationship with the area will do nothing but help its success and its appeal as a traditional and homely pub, gives it that touch of authenticity that's never a bad thing.