Well and Bucket Well Well Well...We Meet Again
143 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG
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What they say:

Having been closed in 1989 and converted into a leather clothing wholesaler, once popular Shoreditch pub, Well and Bucket returns. Expect beautiful craft and rare beer including Camden Town Brewery, Einstok and rogue; superb spirits; Oysters and sliders. And there could even be a little secret down below.. ssshhh!!  

What we say:

With reports of countless pubs closing everyday, it is refreshing to see one brought back to life. Well and Bucket has been absent from the pub scene for almost a quarter of a century and it's return will be met with open Shoreditch arms. There will be tasty craft beer, from our shores and beyond; there will be tasty nibbles, oysters and sliders; and even a secret project in the dungeon. Watch this space for more info.