The Four Thieves Clapham Junction - London Pub Review

Published . By Katie Kirwan.

The Four Thieves? I'm mad about the boy. Littered with entertainment and fronting a brilliant back-bone behind the bar, I've found a pub that quenches more than thirsts.

The Venue

This isn't a pub, this is a sprawling ol' mansion with beer on tap; The Four Thieves is amazing, and massive. With a grand hall for drinks and events, a main bar, a fairy light laced beer garden, a brewery, a games hall with bar upstairs and Lady Chastity's Reserve (55 minutes, somebody stop us) tucked under the stairs, it's likely that the owners have to take a breath, and then another, when explaining the pub concept. Lovingly dotted with vintage nit-bits and bare brick, the running theme seemed one of junkyard jewels, and it seems as though they've really nailed it without the try-hard glare that some others do, as you know, with vintage being so very in.

four thieves review pub clapham

The beer garden is just one of the spaces that makes The Four Thieves so grand a venue. 

The Food and Drink

I had a conversation with a client the other day, mentioning how British food felt like it lacked a little luster; come in, The Four Thieves. Sure, the flavours aren't doused in other worldly spices, but The Four Thieves have chef Harold Cabrera doing delicious things out back with seasonal fare. A fluted steak and ale pie with glazed carrots and mash nailed British flavours, and a portobello mushroom with halloumi stack showed that vegetarians don't get left by wayside in meat-orientated pubs. Coming in at no more than £13 or so each, these dishes really showcased what The Four Thieves can do with a gaggle of greens and a classic menu.

They pride themselves on their brewery and rightly so, therefore a taster was in order. I'm not a hoarder of hops by nature, but AJ helped us through a couple of FT picks with the most stand out being a plush white peach IPA and a session IPA. Sadly, due to a run-in with the fun police, the gin distillery was out of action, but the brilliant beers showcased the fact that The Four Thieves are pure, craft cultivators, even boasting collaborations with other London breweries on occasion. 

four thieves review clapham pub london

Try their fruity IPA for a unique kick from a selection of master brewers.

The Atmosphere

There's something to be said about a London pub that has yet to be untouched by the Central hoards. Sure, Clapham's white shirted army can be found littered about the place, but The Four Thieves almost has yet to succumb, and I really hope it stays that way. Buzzing, but not enough for us to crack out the elbow pads, The Four Thieves is playing the pub game really well; bums on seats, littered candlelight and the smell of pub grub have made this boozer a wanted destination. Credit where credit is due too, hit up Amy or AJ on your trip down, lovely souls that helped us through the night, they're a credit to the venue. 

The games room, or should I say hall, also needs a hardy mention, as you're likely not going to find anywhere else like it in London. Never mind your seaside bid for an arcade, The Four Thieves have cultivated a neat spot of Sega driving and Time Crisis-ing. Their Moonshine Raceway (curated itself by a fella with a race-track past) is stand-out too. Screaming my way down a tiny track is not where I saw part of the night going, but snagging Bronze on the podium does things to a person.

four thieves review

The games room. Shut up and just look.


I don't really know how to summarise The Four Thieves, it seems to do enough justice for itself without the need for me to waffle on. Wholeheartedly though, The Four Thieves is a pub in London that has a punch to pack. While some boozers go out of their way to cram in gits and gadgets for the sake of that extra, unbridled quirk, The Four Thieves do it with ease, and they know how to put on a show. Craft beer by unstoppable brewers with a penchant for pineapples? Check. The glory of coming third in the Moonshine Raceway? Oh, most definitely check.