Let's rewind: remember those mornings spent face down in bed, snoozing through the alarm clock quite optimistically set for sometime before your lecture? Or those dreaded mornings, where you find yourself out and about, furiously swiping at your phone in a feeble effort to turn off the noisy reminder that you'd stayed out waaaaay past your bedtime... guess you won't be making it to your 9am lecture then. Yep, we've all been there.

"I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious". A. Einstein. 

Thankfully, The Lost Lectures are on hand to remind us of what we already knew - lectures needn't be reserved for the aged institutions that are so often unrepresentative of our ideas, thoughts, interests and desires; rather, they should spark intellectual curiosity, to surprise, delight and bring imagination to the forefront of life. 

The Lost Lectures have brought together a wonderfully eclectic bunch of thinkers, innovators and do-ers, whose lessons range from the sublime to the simply ridiculous. They've invited tweeting femininst Caroline Criado-Perez, pickpocket extraordinaire James Freedman, mosquito hunter Hadyn Perry and Ruby Wax, who really needs no introduction, alongside many others, all of whom are on hand to both excite and inspire. 

If new ideas and original experiences aren't enough to tempt you, then never fear - the event will host live music performances, street food vendors, fake bookies, roaming cockney popcorn vendors, and they've even tickled our fancies with a fully loaded bar. 

The Lost Lectures are held in a secret London location on the 22nd and 23rd November. Tickets are on sale from £30.