One month after India Hamilton, Peter Rameson and Sereen Ford invaded Clapton's Palm2 to bring the public their Hallowed Feast, the trio are up to their old tricks once more. This time they're back for Thanksgiving, but if you thought this pop-up would be a run-of-the-mill Americanised festival of eating, you'd be very much mistaken. Tapping into their extensive expertise in French cuisine, the team are back to offer a creative and quirky alternative Thanksgiving experience to their guests, with those in attendance feasting on the likes of Mackarel, Duck Breast and Mulled Wine Ice Cream whilst sampling the imaginative cocktails especially created for the occasion by expert mixologist Ford. 

Palm2 Thanksgiving Pop Up

Settle down for a Thanksgiving blowout at Clapton's Palm2.

The event is BYOB (bring your own beer for those who have never graced a Brick Lane curry house), but with a handy shop below, you won't have to lug it all the way from home. Cocktails will be provided by the lovely Sereen Ford, an exciting mixologist whose infusions will perfectly accompany the cooking. The dinner features amazing dishes such as duck breast, with parsnip and pear puree, hazelnut and duck liver terrine and spiced cranberries - our mouths are watering at the very thought of it! Tickets cost £35 for this cracking Thanksgiving event, so make sure you grab yours sharpish!

Thanksgiving Dinner at Palm2 (152-156 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0QJ) takes place on Saturday 23rd November.