Handmade pizzas, carefully selected wine and a live music performance. It's not a complicated formula, but it's one that is taking Shoreditch by storm at the moment. The Argentinian Pizza Supperclub, spearheaded by culinary pro/musician Oli, has left such an impression on the good people of East London that tickets are usually snapped up quicker than you can say Buenos Aires. 

Argentinian Pizza Pop Up

Grab a taste of all things Argentina, and have loadsa fun while you're at it.

Each of the authentic Argentinian pizzas is handmade on site, and there's no danger of going thirsty either; an all-inclusive ticket entitles you to half a bottle of wine. It won't be hard to spot Oli - he'll be the one that abandons his apron to serenade the crowd half way through - as guests are also treated to a bit of live music to cap proceedings off. A great dining experience in the company of creative, interesting characters, this is a formidable pop-up package that you truly don't want to miss. 

Argentinian Pizza Supper Club Pop Up runs every Friday and Saturday from 8pm at 29 Corsham Street, N1 6DR. Tickets are £25 per head, and include dinner, dessert, half a bottle of wine and live music.