Inamo St.James are holding two sushi and sake masterclasses in August where guests can learn how to make their own sushi from the best. The first part of the class consists of heading to the kitchen and learning exactly how to make your own sushi from start to finish. This includes washing, cooking and seasoning the rice, preparing the fish and getting the proper items needed to make two sets of sushi. Then guests will create their own three piece nigiri and three piece maki sets.

Sushi making at inamo

Guests will be taught the art of sushi making by chefs from the restaurant before moving on to taste sake!

After that is finished guests will head to a private dining room where they will watch a short introduction to the sake making process. When that is finished they will be served the sushi that was just created and sample four different kinds of sake. These include a daiginjo (premium sake), hot honjozo, Ume Shu (sweet plum sake), and Ninki Ichi (fizzy premium sake).

The classes are taking place on 13th and 27th of August at Inamo St.James. The tickets are £29.50 per person and include all the sushi and sake during the whole event. Each class can only take up to 24 people so be sure to book your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!