Secret Society Rises In Speakeasy Opium

Last updated . By Alex Rogers.

The House Of The Rising Sun Club has launched at Opium in Leicester Square. That's right, one of London's favourite and best speakeasy bars has founded its own secret society with a penchant for the world's finest libations. There's a keen devotion to experimenting, sharing knowledge and most of all the art of enjoyment at this exclusive late night appreciation society.

Thankfully people, membership is free. Members can get into Opium after 10pm without needing to pre-book or call ahead, names will be held on the door, so it makes your evening at Opium even cooler.

Opium Bar

The House Of The Rising Sun Club stays open until 2.30am for refined drinkers and experimentalists alike.

There's plenty for members to get stuck into whether it's taking part in tasting classes, discussing the finer points of a fine whisky or just taking full advantage of the exclusive cocktail list. This is entirely off menu and ONLY available to club members. The House Of The Rising Sun Club opens until 2.30am offering refined drinkers a full night of indulgence in one of London's most enchanting environments.

There'll be a changing roster of expert speakers, teachers and cocktail preachers with each club night offering something entirely different and utterly inspiring. But it's only those in the know that get to go and.... well we've probably already said too much, just get your free membership and enjoy all the delights Opium has to offer.