The Rib Festival is in full swing over at the Blues Kitchen Camden, bringing life to winter Monday evenings! As a fun way of introducing a new regular fixture, Monday Rib Night, the Blues Kitchen are holding a rib festival as a celebration of American cuisine and their fantastic BBQ tradition! Bringing in London's four most celebrated street food venders (specialising in BBQ); each rib expert is showcasing their own take of this classic dish, and of course, bringing their very own home-made BBQ hot sauce to the table.


The Rib Festival is a great showcase of London's many homages to the USA's amazing BBQ grub.

The 27th January event saw the second night of the ingenious festival, and it was The Rib Man's turn to take over the kitchen. This talented lad has been perfecting his skill since the age of fifteen and prides himself on the quality of meat he uses. Serving up large racks of BBQ ribs, there was no way anyone could have been left wanting more, with stomachs full to bursting point. As a side, you could have your choice of sweet potato chips, chips, onion rings or crunchy slaw, but best of all was his signature 'Holy Fuck Sauce' which had us breathing fire by the end of the meal! Blues Kitchen provided a relaxed setting with people simply wanting to sit back and enjoy their meal with a beer. The night was buzzing with chat and laughter, a really uplifting event for those feeling the Monday Blues!

Make sure to catch one (or both if you love ribs!) of the next upcoming events of the Rib Festival at the Blues Kitchen; 3rd February welcomes Grillstock who smokes his ribs over hickory, and finishing with a bang the 10th February sees DJ BBQ  who combines entertainment and great food, spinning tunes while he serves his guests! Make your Monday night all that better and relish in good vibes at the Blues Kitchen Camden.