Record Store Day

As many of you know, it's Record Store Day Saturday 19th of April or in other words, a day in which a lot of hipsters around the world conglomerate to stock up on their vinyl collection and incessantly argue why vinyl is better than any other format. Plus, with vinyl sales the highest in 15 years, it's a day that's definitely reaching an ever increasing clientele.

Is vinyl better than other formats? You decide and head on down. 

Running since 2007, it's been one of the many reasons why vinyls have resurfaced as a popular way to listen to music, restarting what was a few years ago, a seriously faltering business. It's also seen a rekindling between the relationship of customers and independent record stores, who compared to such megastores as HMV, have seen their business boom in recent years thanks to this day.

Always a day for special releases, expect reissues, special editions, box sets and even new records from some of the best artists out there, old and new alike. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists across the globe make special appearances and performances.

With a whole plethora of records to choose from, some of the best to look out for are: Joy Division's Reissue of their 1978 EP An Ideal For Living, Foals' Live At Royal Albert Hall, Sky Ferreira's Night Time, My Time and LCD Sound System's The Long Goodbye are just some of the many releases on the day to look out for it.