Hot Booze

Dunk yourself in utter hot toddy decadence at this winter pop up.

HOTHOT. Nothing celebrates the festive season like getting sloshed does. And what's more is nothing makes it better than necking some steaming spirits to warm those shivering innards of yours. Well, Hot Booze assemmmmbllleee.

With a bar well versed in the art of hot drinks, this is no sub-standard luke-warm-mulled-wine affair, no no, this is a liquor laced land of Hot Peanut Butter Rums, Hot Cream Eggnogs and Cider with Rosy Cheeks. Bin those amateur warm ciders and discover a realm of infused teas, hard spirits and sweet tasting concoctions on Kingsland Road this winter. Lap it all up in its hot, chocolatey, alcohol glory. Go on.

Hot Booze comes to 93 Kingsland Road, Hoxton, E2 8AG from 4th-20th December and is open Tuesday-Thursday: 5pm-11pm; Friday-Sunday: 3pm-11pm (closed on Mondays).