The Lodge Pop-up Balham

Forget your scarf and boots, warm up with some decadent, dripping fondue therapy this Winter. Go on, dig in.

Winter is coming... 

Fear not, for The Lodge is brewing up barrels of finger-lickingly good fondue to warm your innards. Nothing cures the colds of Winter like a rich, cheesy food coma. The pop-up puppet master that is Jimmy Garcia brings a ski season refuge to Balham's brisk streets for 6 days a week from October 25th until January 25th 2015. Enter the warmth of the alpine chalet themed restaurant complete with blazing booze, a meaty mix of gamey dishes and artisan cheese blended bowls of fondue. 

Decked out in log cabin couture and catering a menu of lavishly lean meals, The Lodge is a culture-cuisine mash-up of everything mountainously Swiss, with some French frosting on top. Serving up hot cocktails by the flask full or the glass full, (most likely dependant on the treacherous winter you endured on your voyage to The Lodge) order up some mulled wine and cider remedies to warm your cockles. Snuggle down and draw those long winter nights in with a steaming eggnog libation or Jamaican Hot Toddy cocktail, to add a lil spice to your slipper-clad evening. 

This drinking and dining den will plate up a toasty feast of Pigeon, Venison, Scallops and Wild Bore sausages to sink your chattering teeth into. With the option to pre-order a 'Slow Down Sunday Roast' of Lamb, Pork or Venison haunch, book your spot at the one-stop destination to thaw out this wintertide.