St. Moritz Ski Bar at The Goring Hotel

A retro lodge of of snow-bombing, Swiss excess arrives in London. 

Ski-bunnies and Snow-foxes assemble. We're off to Svissssland, are you in?

To be more precise, Switzerland is coming to us actually. The fabulously chic Goring Hotel invites you to come down with furs, hats, gloves and all for a bit of alpine season inspired sloshing and rampant revelry (in the most upper class was possible). Welcome to the St. Moritz Ski Bar mountain folk. Think old-school chalet style with vintage knitwears, wooden skis and sledges and (cashmere) tartan rugs in a space of flickering lanterns. Naww. A true alpine retreat in the city, check in for hot toddy cocktails and the sweet sounds of Frank Sinatra playing from the gramophone.

Sounds picturesque but mountain mischief will be rife in this lodge of winter warming debauchery and tomfoolery. So, get your best glamorous get-up out and show the Swiss how we do. Shoop Shoop.   

The St. Moritz Ski Bar will be open on November 9th every evening from 6pm until February 2016.