Keep the 9th-14th April clear, ladies and gentleman, because this week is going to be a hoot. Annie the Owl is opening in Soho for 6 nights only and it’s one of those rare chances to get boozy with the birds. The only ‘creatures and cocktails’ event in town, get your talons on a ticket quick, before they fly off the shelves.

Annie the Owl Pop-Up Soho

Annie the Owl due to take off (quite literally) in Soho on March 19th.

Tickets are £20 each and allow entry for one, two cocktails and two hours to spend with the furry animals. Due to high demand, a ballot has been arranged for the tickets and profits go towards Barn Owl to help fund conservations around the UK. Annie is joined by 5 other fluffy little friends, all of which will be accompanied by professional falconers.

Alongside owl entertainment, there is a fun and inventive cocktail list to choose from. There’s the Owl-Presso Martini, containing vodka, espresso, kahlua and Tia Maria, all shaken and served with beans. And if you don’t want caffeine in your concoction,try the Annie Collins, named after the star of the show, containing gin, fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup, topped up with soda water. With these delicious options, you could say that this event has owl you need.

Arriving on the 9th April and open every night until the 14th, this shindig migrates after just one week.