That's right, a pop-up dedicated to the frying of all foods is due to open this weekend and is set to make your Easter even batter (ha...our sincerest apologies). Located in Shoreditch's answer to innovative venues, the Boxpark, and set up by Messhead, a collaboration between chef Thomlinson and PR creative Miss Cakehead, this place promises something a bit different this bank holiday weekend. 

Fryhard pop-up to open in Shoreditch

They call this beauty the 'diabetic mountain'... Are you brave enough to make the climb?

We know how it is. It's an unhealthy time of year, all those chocolate eggs calling from the cupboard (we can rarely even fit them all in the fridge...) We promise ourselves they'll last weeks this time. But we all know it's a big facade. So why not own it? Don't just eat a Creme Egg. Eat a deep fried Creme Egg. Turn that into a pizza, a deep fried greasy battered dripping pizza. Or a quiche. A whole battered quiche. You can see it now - the opportunities are endless, and rare, so stop counting the calories and checking those colour-coded health wheels. Indulge yourself. Just this once.

Easter Sunday even introduces a whole battered roast dinner to the menu, so your tender lamb, your crispy potatoes, your straight up vegetables - it will all be buried beneath a crispy layer of solidified fat, mmmhmmmm. With a Die Hard theme, expect blood splattered eggs and your tasty rabbits tied up in a restaurant that refuses to stick to those time-honoured traditions.

Open from Thursday 2nd April until Sunday 5th April, hurry in for your heart attacks, before you miss this fat-tastic boat.