Fresh out of the oven, this brand new pop up above K10 on Appold Street is the latest hot spot for your chewing brewing needs. Be the first of your friends to find this infant venue and impress them with your astounding knowledge of London’s latest launches. Whether you’re a newbie to Japanese cuisine or a black belt banqueter, we thoroughly recommend a visit to Beer and Buns, which offers izakayar style food alongside the UK’s largest selection of Japanese craft beers.

Beer and Buns new venue - now open

These exciting neon lights mark the start of a mouth-watering new adventure.

The steamed Hirata buns are a clear favourite on the menu, with a marshmallow softness that melts in the mouth. Fill your bread with a choice of Chicken Karaage, Chashu Pork Belly, Pulled Duck Leg or Aubergine Katsu and discover a new take on an old favourite, The Burger transformed. And the best part - all for £3.50. If you have a wheat intolerance or just don’t like burgers (say what?!), try out the simple joys of fried chicken wings, with a twist; marinated in a choice of tebasake soy garlic, sweet and spicy sauce or ‘Korean hot’, they add an extra kick to your greasy guzzling.

And if you want rare opportunities for Japanese craft beers, you’ve definitely come to the right place. One of the only bars in Europe to serve Asahi ‘Super Cold’ draught lager, kept at 2 degrees Celsius for an extra crisp deliciousness, this venue takes ‘unique’ to a new level. At only £4.50, this is your cheapest chance to taste Japan. And never fear, for all you beer haters out there, try some Junmai-style Sake, a smooth tipple that will keep your insides warm and fuzzy.

With a funky collage of Asahi logos papering the walls and pin ball machines neatly tucked into the corner, this quirky venue just keeps on giving. Drink your mates under the table and then thrash them at your favourite game for a top-notch night that you won’t forget in a hurry (subject to alcohol consumption…)

Open 5pm ‘til late Monday to Friday, head down before July when this place closes up shop and enjoy an authentic Japanese experience, without that pesky 12 hour flight.