Bread Street Sessions

The street food cult continues with a Busan BBQ special: The AmeriKorean dream all wrapped into one salivatingly tasty burger.

Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen launches a collaboration with street food extraordinaries Busan BBQ. Welcome to the Bread Street Sessions. Prepare yourself for an almighty street food feast in London's eclectic East End.

From the 4th October, every Saturday will be a celebration of signature Korean inspired dishes and cocktail concoctions all to a soundtrack from Korean Hip-Hop guru, DJ Joonki. Known for their distinctively delicious AmeriKorean hyrbid of street food, Busan BBQ fuse Korean ingredients with the best in American bites making way for their Korean fried Chicken, Pork belly buns and K-fries (yes, you guessed it), the ultimate in American Diner indulgence - French fries topped with Korean style minced beef, himch, spring onions and a great big helping of cheese.

Fill your boots with these flavour fusions and then knock back some cocktail creations infused with traditional rice based Korean spirit conjured up by the faithful savvy bartenders of Bread Street Kitchen. This street food shindig of all things Booze 'n' BBQ will run every Saturday until the 25th from 4 'til 9pm.