It’s common knowledge that years '13 and ‘14 saw American TV phenomenon Breaking Bad take the UK by storm as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman rapidly swept across the sea of Brits' computer screens. As good at crystal meth cooking as reeling in an audience, we’d be lying if we didn’t all get just a little bit hooked on Walter’s sordid, but somehow well-intentioned meth-messy spiral. Whether it was scrapping that double lecture on genes and genomes or staying up ‘til 4.00am with work lingering less than 5 hours away, Breaking Bad got us good.

Enlist a few cronies and be the White-Pinkman duo for a night of debauchery.

Although a lot of us have sped through the series, it doesn't look like its the end of the Breaking Bad saga. From July, Breaking Bad will be arriving in London (RV included):

Appropriately pulling its name from the Breaking Bad set location, AlBurquerQue, ABQ is opening up a pop-up laboratory inside an RV (yes, you read correctly). Due to a certain few legal reasons instead of cooking up crystal meth, a fluky few of you will have the chance to visit the lab set-up “recreational vehicle” and “cook” some “chemically pure”, quirky cocktails. Supplied with bare crazy, mad scientist-inspired ingredients, you and your mates will be free to experiment in the lab, trying and testing until, “Eureka!” you produce your perfect jigger. A limited-time lair, the RV-lab will only be running for 3 months over the summer, so make sure you purchase your ticket to guarantee entry into the world of Walter White.