A theme that celebrates the most notorious cigar lady and encapsulates those vibrant 1950 Havana nights, is about to raise the roof in Shoreditch at the Queen of Hoxton. This rooftop bar replaces the winter Woodlandia, a huge hit with our Hoxton hipsters, and this latest pop-up is bound to be just as popular. Taking full advantage of the summer rays, take a little trip to this colourful, grassy paradise, strung with fairy lights and potted greenery, for a sun soak in a carnival atmosphere. And when the sun goes down? No fear, head on in and hit the dance floor for a night of great beats - and bring that festival spirit along with you.

Rooftop bar pop up to open Queen of Hoxton

A Hoxton holiday hangout that's singing from the rooftops.

Expect more than just some city views and bright hues, though, because this place has big plans to immerse you in the best of rumbunctious liquids and delicious Cuban street food. All dishes are authentic, homemade and served fresh from the grill. Get a lime and chili tuna cake, dolloped with papaya salsa in soft baps, served with rice and black beans, Cuban slaw, green salad and grilled plantain on the side.  These guys have brought Cuba all the way to your taste buds in an explosion of fiery flavours and refreshing combinations of zesty, peppy ingredients.

The drinks list looks to be just as tempting, with an invention sure to excite any Londoner in this city of cafes, coffee shops and tea rooms - introducing, the Rum Iced Coffee (and the crowd goes wild!) Wake up and smell the coffee and, while you're at it, the rum too in a cocktail that will blow your sleepy socks right off. Other crafty Cuban contenders include the frozen rum daiquiri, perfect for summer slushee slurping, and the tropical guava and papaya blended Dulche de Leche. These drinks really are rumbelievable. And there's more - you'll be able to play dominoes (a favourite past time in Cuba), listen to the most dramatic of storytellers, and huddle under the outdoor heaters when the sun drops out of the sky before hitting the dance floor downstairs. 

Smokin' Graciela plans to open on May 1st and will be suitable for parties of 250 people or less, so bring your shades and watch the sunset from a venue that nearly touches the sky.