Spirit enthusiasts of East London listen up, 'cos this one's for you! After more than a century of having no local gin, whisky and vodka distilleries, industry experts Alex Wolpert and Jamie Baxter have come to the rescue. The duo have established the East London Liquor Company; a distillery that will churn out a range of quality spirits including a dry gin, a smooth vodka and a whisky aged for at least 3 years at their headquarters on the periphery of Victoria Park.

The East London Liquor Company will re-vitalise East London's spirit industry.

But the great news doesn't end there. The East London Liquor Company will not only produce premium spirits, they'll sell them too at the distillery's on-site cocktail bar! Guests will be able to observe the spirit-making process, enjoy a range of carefully constructed cocktails featuring the spirits made on site, and even have the chance to join in with a 'make your own' masterclass. Due to open in April, Wolpert and Baxter's creation looks set to provide a much-needed boost to the East End's spirit industry.