These guys like their drinks strong, their lighting low and their seats comfortable; the latest pop up bar to hit East London is all things bohemian. Just steps away from Hackney Central overground, Manhattans Project takes up residence at Bohemia, a curious little cafè and bar tucked neatly behind a railway arch. 

Manhattans Project take up residency at Hackney's Bohemia to mix up one hell of a storm. 

Every Thursday, Bohemia welcomes Manhattans Project behind the bar - expect a relaxed approach to table service and a menu that showcases clever, modern producers and forgotten elixirs. Enjoy a rotating menu of six re-imagined classics and straight up drinks, or go for a bespoke option - in their own words: "Many classic cocktails were conceived to mask bootlegger-quality booze, so we’ve tweaked and cajoled our recipes to make the most of contemporary spirits, adding in a touch of humour and a nod to tradition".

Let the Manhattans Project loosen a long day, as they stir, shake and build you something to hit that thirsty spot. Just don't ask for a Mojito.

Manhattans Project is at Bohemia Cafe in Hackney every Thursday (2 Bohemia Place, London, E8 1DU).