Stop, stop......stop. That grinding noise is the sound of your booze-oiled wheels screeching to a halt for that most wholesome of months: October. Never fear though! October is January's less bleak cousin; intent on restoration rather than dire misery. Saying farewell to your favourite poison is never easy, but to soothe the pain we have compiled our pick of the best mocktails that can be found in London; so at least you wont be grimacing into your fourth sprite of the night. And the peak of this seriously sober month? Thousands are also doing it in support for top charity, Macmillan. Worth the liver tustle eh!

go sober for october

Go Sober for October and support Macmillan at the same time as thousands give up their favourite libations for charity.


Indian eccentricities that needn't the addition of booze to shine, Carom host a selection of cocktails that will dazzle the palate, and hug that all but distraught lil' liver of yours. Tuck in to the likes of their yoghurt and raspberry Meza Lassi, a concoction that will have your friends leaving their libations behind for a quaintly made, alcohol-free alternative.


Nightjar even manages to sneak copious amounts of liquor into its Prohibition themed cocktails, but it's just as accommodating to modern day sober swallers. If you don't fancy a Punch a la Burroughs (smack included...not really) get one of the maestro mixologists to whip you up a wonderful and whimsical mocktail out of the extensive ingredient list. 

nightjar mocktails sober for october london

Let's start swapping liquor lows for sugar highs a Nightjar in Old Street.

Be At One Clapham

They love their liquor, but they sure as heck love you more, hence why Be At One Clapham boast some of the best booze-free brews in town. Inherently known for their punchy attitudes and party charm, those off the hard stuff can still tuck in to the likes of a Honkin Don Logan at £3 with banana, cinnamon, honey roast nuts.........and of course, a sincere lack of loose mind the morning.

Barrio Central

Flay and flambe your way through a booze free October, with floral fairground Barrio Central at the helm. Not inherent on leaving the theatrics behind, simply because you're leaving the liquor, Barrio still promise a delicious spectacle, guilt free. Try their Ginger Pina with twisted gingerbread at just £4.50, a winter warmer and must-try.


For some of us who spent the pivotal teenage years in rural lands, getting sauced in a motor-home (or tent, trailor, tractor...even a stable ) is nothing to write home about. Here in the big smoke, Caravan is offering its own kind of metropolitan ramshackle refreshment, with or without the ethanol. For the pure of heart and thrifty of wallet, there's the Virgin Apple Mojito for £4.50 or the Caravan Cranberry Iced Tea with cranberry juice, Earl Grey tea, lemon juice and sugar syrup served in a high-ball glass over ice.