Pillow Cinema Shoreditch

Feather, synthetic, memory or hypoallergenic? Whatever type of pillow pal you have, bring it on down folks!

There's always one thing missing from a cinema venture - comfort. Well, fear no more. The steaming steeds that brought you Hot Tub Cinema have taken to bedding tactics this Winter. Enter Pillow Cinema. 

That's right guys and gals, bringing a pillow palace straight to your big screen experience Pillow Cinema are setting up a plush residency in the former Shoreditch tube station (a little rough around the edges but all the more necessity for a plump companion and a beanbag bed.) Not ones to take pillow politics lightly, you should be warned that a 'No Pillow, No Entry' policy is being enforced, so be sure to arm yourself with that bedding bestie and get snuggled down for an evening of cosied up cinema. 

Book out a mahoosive 'Fatboy beanbag' (their words, not ours) fit for 2 and get your pillow placement just right for the big screen reel to start rolling out the likes of French-fancy Amelie, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Fight Club. There's even a Saturday session of drooling Gos-fest films for those rampant Ryan fans to flutter their eyes watching Drive, The Notebook and Crazy Stupid Love. But, if Gosling doesn't toot your horn then you'll be puh-leased to hear they've also doubled up on some Leonardo DiCaprio specials to the blockbusting bangs of Inception and The Wolf of Wall Street. Absolutely pillow-tastic. 

The November Pillow Cinema sessions start on the 6th until the 16th. 

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