What is Craft 100? It's not hard to get right to the heart of what this motley crew of brewers and drinkers are all about - the clue is in the name after all. It's just a proper good craft beer festival with 100 different brews available for you to try, all in one place. That place being Clapham's Craft Beer Co

The poster doesn't lie: there really will be a hundred different beers shacking up together for the weekend for this festival.

Craft 100 is London's liquid answer to Glastonbury. It's the apogee of beer festivals, with so many outstanding and memorable performances from the names we love, as well as a few break out performances from soon-to-be favourites. But unlike Glasto, at Craft 100, you don't even have to buy a ticket to get inside. Nor do you have to stand in a queue for hours waiting for a token in order to buy another pint - you just purchase a cup from them and get let loose into this playground of hops, malts and barleys.

The focus is very much on 'you and the beer' here - and the success of their debut April event shows that this simple formula is most definitely a keeper. So if the sound of a hundred different golden, amber and dark liquids trickling into various pint glasses gets you all riled up, then put the weekend of the 18th to the 21st of September down in your calendar.

Craft 100 is taking place at Craft Beer Co. Clapham (128 Clapham Manor Street, SW4 6ED), between the 18th and 21st September 2014.