Don't be fooled - Breddo's Tacos and The Player are actually really good friends. So close in fact, that Breddo's Tacos, in all of their Taco-ey goodness, have been invited to stay! Taking residency in The Slider Bar at The Player in Soho, Breddo's have revamped their menu with a touch of the Taco, and are all set to help their old friends out on their quest to feed Soho's hungriest.

Created in September of 2012 by Nud and Chris (both self-proclaimed Breddos), after a period spent travelling across Asia, Africa, the USA and South America, Breddo's has spent most of its life dotting around London food markets, popping-up here and there to give us a much needed dose of Taco. Whilst they cite their inspiration as hailing from the world of Mexican cuisine, Nud and Chris also remark that their inspiration doesn't end there.

breddo's tacos player bar london pop up

Photo Credit to The Gaztronome

Serving up a delightful array of Tacos and Sliders, Breddo's feeds us their signature slider - an aged beef patty, topped with swiss cheese, chipotle mayo and home smoked pastrami. Other options include their bite size signature Tacos, such as a the Crunchy Nut Chicken or the Short Rib Dexter. If all these tantalisingly tasty tastebud treats are a bit too overwhelming and you are struggling to decide which one to go for, then consider the Taco Tray for a very reasonable £14 and enjoy five orders in one.

The cocktails are nothing to be sniffed at. Look forward to the London Buck Highball, a happy blend of gin, lemon juice and ginger beer, or perhaps a Mai Tai. If nothing takes your fancy, then keep an eye out for Darren, the expert mixologist who will happily serve up bespoke blends. Others might be intrigued to try their hand at the ChiliBack, a shot of Jose Cuervo Especial Silver followed by a shot of Breddo's pickled haberno juice, a shooter that will certainly put some hairs on your chest. 

It isn't uncommon for street vendors to take residency in established bars and restaurants - MEATliquor did it, Pitt Cue Co did it, and so did burger flippers Lucky Chip. It has been the start of something MUCH bigger for these guys, and we've got our fingers crossed for Breddo's.

Breddo's Tacos till be popping up at The Player for the foreseeable future. (8 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 8HN).