Always looking for new ways to sneak drinks past the coppers at his super secret speakeasy bar in Chelsea, Bart's Bar has come out with a new menu consisting of vinegar infused drinks!

Following the US trend of ‘drinking vinegar’, Uncle Bart has become inspired and is looking to spruce up his cocktail list, really giving a select few drinks a kick by infusing them with vinegar. The new menu will feature three fantastic new fiery drinks.

bart's vinegar cocktails

How excited (and slightly nervous!?) are you to try these unique cocktails?

Ladies choice is the Queen of Tarts; a tangy Martini made with Belvedere vodka, strawberries, home-made balsamic jam, lemon juice and sugar, that will then be garnished with a caramelised strawberry and balsamic glaze. For all you strapping lads, get Twelve Years, a twist on the classic Old Fashioned; made with Woodford Reserve, infused with cooked apple and Balsamic Vinegar, and mixed with a cube of sugar and home-made apple bitters.

Got a sweet tooth? Then the Mon Cheri should be your choice for the night (in homage to the famous Ferrero chocolate) made with chocolate and cherry infused apple vinegar, and stirred with Grand Marnier and Pampero Añejo. The Mon Cheri, will be a deliciously sweet Martini style cocktail, garnished with chocolate sprig.

But remember guys, it's top secret, so don't go flapping your mouth off to the cops! Or else!