Bare that birthday suit at London's first 'naked' pop-up

Published . By Julianne Spingler.

Shed it your shoes, shirt, and everything in between for the skinny-dipped service at The Bunyadi.

Emerging with an exciting element of surprise this summer, The Bunyadi will be London's first bare-all pop-up bar and restaurant. Come June, ticket holders are encouraged to shimmy out of their trousers and into a state of total liberation for an experience meant to 'free from the trappings of modern life'.

While we would totally deem abundant amounts of candlelight and scantily-clad people to be of utmost Instagram worth, The Bunyadi will truly test those millennial limits by ridding visitors of all those contemporary commodities--including, yes, that precious smartphone. But don't get too worked up over the lack of photographic proof; we assure you there's no way you'll forget a naughty bit-filled night at the place.

Staying true to its stripped down sentiment, The Bunyadi will be a bamboo-laden, secret getaway complete with a nearly-naked staff, minimal-to-none electricity, and au naturale, fresh food stuffs grilled over an open fire. Sips at The Bunyadi's bar will also double as saviours to ease any awkward pain endured down the undressed 'path to purity'.

If the idea of putting it all out there on the hand-carved, wooden table still doesn't leave you too peachy keen, though, fear not--the venue will be sectored off into areas of 'naked and pure' and 'non-naked'. So you don't necessarily need to leave your clothes behind to bask in this little piece of much-needed, Pangea-like peace and quiet.

The Bunyadi will open for a three-month season in Westminster starting in June.