Another Valentine's Day alternative, Bar Beverly's one night pop-up is here to help you chase away your Valentine's blues. Setting shop in G Kelly's Pie and Mash in Bethnal Green, come along for a night of cocktails and locally produced craft beer that will surely be a success and enjoy a much longer run after.

Forget worrying about V Day, instead just come down and have a good time.

Providing you with the essentials to build the best night possible, Bar Beverly believe that bars are made great by the people who regularly frequent them. Open from 7pm, swing by the one-night store and try a number of their many cocktails on offer such as a casual late afternoon aperitif, or if you're feeling adventurous hang around until late and see where the night takes you. So what if it's Valentine's Day? Bar Beverly is sure to "look good, taste good, and sound good" so forget being romantic and just have a good time. 

Bar Beverley will be located at 414 Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green, E2 ODJ. They will be running for one night only from 7pm on the 14th of February.