Pizza, one of the ultimate comfort foods. In my eyes there is nothing better than tucking into a few slices of cheesy goodness if you're feeling a little under the weather, but what if you're dieting? Well, our friends at B-SOHO have the answer. During January, February and March 2014, they have drawn up a wonderful B-Skinny Menu to allow you to indulge, while steering clear of those pesky calories. I was naturally cautious, because I'm a man that loves his carbs, but on a Thursday night I sauntered down to one of London's top pizzerias to attempt to do it the healthy way.

After being seated at a lovely little table downstairs in the restaurant, we had a browse through the menu. The B-Skinny menu has a choice of four pizzas; the Skinny Prawn & Rocket, the Skinny Salmon & Soft Cheese, the Skinny Bresaola and the Skinny B-SOHO (sauteed tomato and onion, with basil salt and black pepper).

b-soho skinny pizza

With low-cal options, B-SOHO is the best place to stick to your January diet plan in London.

For me, meat and cheese make a pizza, so I opted for the Skinny Bresaola. Bresaola is an air-dried salt beef, which is incredibly lean and tender, and once dusted with parmesan it made a nice healthy alternative to some of the fattier meats you usually find on your pizza. Despite being keen on the Bresaola, my date for evening was forced to try something different and had the Skinny Prawn & Rocket. Thankfully for me, it was lovely; with rocket and fresh tomatoes, the prawns were delicious and it seemed to go down a treat.

B-SOHO have also come up with some great low-cal cocktails (all under 110 calories) to go with their pizza menu so naturally we had to give them a whirl. I tried an Apple & Gin Delight, which was refreshing but didn't quite pack the punch that I usually expect from a gin cocktail. My date came up trumps though with the Petite In Pink; made with Prosecco, lemonade, lemon juice and cranberry, it was flavourful and was a nice sweet touch, highly recommended.

With fantastic live music playing from 8pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, plus the buzzing lounge bar to enjoy after your pizza, you really can't do dieting much better than this.