Think Rooftops Are Only For Summer? This Peckham Gem Shows You Otherwise

Staying on the ground floor is overrated. To really have fun in London, you need to get in the lift. At least four stories high. Meet Skylight Peckham, a gorgeous hangout with wonderful views of the city. Sound familiar? That's because you may know the other famous pad at Tobacco Dock.

Skylight Peckham | DesignMyNight London Restaurant Review

After a sunset in London? This perch is one of the best around.

Recent years have seen towering terraces spring up all over the shop, you’ll of course know institutions like Bussey Building and Franks, but does this 2021 newbie live up to the hype? We hopped on the Overground to find out.

As we zigzagged past the organised chaos that is Peckham Rye, and veered towards a slightly concealed door next to the library, we could just tell this place was going to be really cool. The entrance was more industrial chic, but once the elevator opened, we entered a bright, colourful and vibrant paradise. A backdrop of peach, mustard and sage tones slotted next to basically wall-to-wall windows, showing off that impressive skyline. Even though we visited after dark, the twinkling lights of Canary Wharf and the shimmering Shard, paired with the logo's neon purple glow, were ever so pretty. We can only imagine how great it is in summer too. The outdoor balcony was still largely open, and we definitely recommend popping outside under a heat lamp to admire the scenes.

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Need London's best live music? Chow down on spicy bites while checking out the next big thing.

There was a distinct jungle aesthetic here, massive green plants stood proud, helping divide tables and walkways, while shelves upon shelves of foliage added to the fresh vibe. As we sat down to order our first round of drinks, RnB tunes from Ashanti and Usher played in the background, and millennial me was going absolutely crazy. The crowd was a mix of date nights and gatherings, plus there were even a few late-night laptop tappers (their hotdesking deal is worth checking out). 

We kicked things off with South London Iced Tea (£12), because having lived in the surrounding boroughs most of my life, anyone who says north of the river is better will certainly feel my wrath. This tipple was a fine tribute to the local area; deliciously sweet with cranberry and very refreshing. Considering it was mixed with rum, tequila, vodka and Cointreau, it wasn’t overpowering in the slightest. My date opted for the Discarded Mai Tai (£12), a true taste of tropical sunshine. Kinda similar to a piña colada, it was unusually creamy and featured a lovely frangipane-like aftertaste from the orgeat syrup. 

DesignMyNight Drops By | Skylight Peckham Review

Where breezy, airy surrounds meet lush herbage.

Yes, Skylight likes to party. But the grub is a big deal here too. The menu changes frequently to reflect seasonal specials, plus there are also lunch offerings and bottomless sessions at weekends. Unfortunately, they ran out of a few veggie options and some cocktails during our stay, but they more than made up for it with one of the friendliest waiting teams I’ve ever experienced. We ordered five tapas-style options, which was spot on for two people, starting with the braised endive (£6.50) and devilled mackerel (£15). Not sure what the former is? Neither was I, but I was told it was similar in texture to an onion. I took a risk here, as I’ve got to admit that I’m not a massive fan of the layered spheres (I know, weird right? Not to mention difficult) but thought I’d give it a go. And I’m so glad I did. It was presented beautifully on a pink plate, dotted with tangy orange segments, ribbons of peel and charred veg. The buttery sauce was to die for and the peppercorns provided a nice amount of heat. Meanwhile, the fish, despite its name, wasn’t the fieriest of dishes, but we reckon the big chunks of potato and cucumber balanced it all out. It was also perfectly flaky; a real treat.

Next up came the jerk chicken (£8). Full of flavour and moist AF, the meat fell off the bone and was a great combo with the punchy fennel and apple cubes. My favourite meal? Got to be the saffron-flecked Ogleshield cheese arancini (£8). Partnered with a rich romesco sauce and dusted in a generous smothering of Parmesan, each bite into the crunchy outside revealed a gorgeous, yellow, melting inner-layer. Simply amazing. If you love garlic ramped up to 100? Then the truffle aioli dip brought along with the fluffy yet crispy skin-on fries (£6) is going to be right up your street.

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Food, brews and vistas aplenty. Don't miss the Skylight Peckham brunch too.

The finale of triple chocolate cake (£6) was shared between us, which originally was a good idea but we soon realised we could have easily devoured one each, served up a gorgeously glazed, soft centerpiece. The deliciously chewy fragments of brandy snaps and faultlessly quenelled vanilla Chantilly cream topped were a delight as well.

As we sat back with two Skylight 75s (£11 each), a fizzy blend of gin, Cointreau, lemon and prosecco, we soaked up the atmosphere from the acoustic showcase that happens every Thursday. Featuring sets from up-and-coming stars, this was a great end to our date.

The DesignMyNight Digest 

Although undoubtedly people flock here for the panorama, Skylight proved to be so much more than that. The scran was filling and satisfying, plus you only need to browse Insta for literally seconds before you come across their spectacular cocktails.  It doesn’t matter if the weather is chilly or not, there’s always something new and exciting going on to keep you getting back in that lift for another round...


  💰 The damage: £95.50 excluding service.

  📍  The location: Theatre Walk, 120 Hill Street, SE15 5JT.

  👌 Perfect for: Fun group gatherings.

 ⭐ Need to know: There are incredible events across both sites, including ice skating and world cup screenings.