Cryptic Conspiracy: We Tried An Immersive Escape Room… And It All Took Place In Our Office

DesignMyNight's B2C and Marketing Team doesn't do things by halves; so for the office team building day, it had to be something completely out of the box. Here's where Aftermath The Game comes in. Offering immersive experiences that can be played in any remote space across the city, this is the ideal activity for testing group problem-solving skills. Did our squad cut it? Read to find out.

Aftermath The Game London Review | DesignMyNight

Follow the shadowy footsteps of Emilia Sarnowska with this 2-hour escape room in the UK.

After choosing a private meeting room suitable for our team of 15 to work their magic, we met Agent 12 who travelled from afar to set everything up for the game: Operation Global Storm. As we stepped into the room, our trustee liaison put us in contact with The Ministry, who briefed us on a video call about the important mission. We had to uncover the truth behind the murder of investigative reporter Emilia Sarnowska, all in an attempt to prevent a catastrophic chain of events. We were then divided into teams based on skills, from coding groups to website experts (think we know a few of them), to unearth hidden secrets. My role? I had to oversee everything and contact Agent 101 to keep them updated on our progress.

Aftermath The Game Review London | DesignMyNight

Expect to get through a whole lotta evidence throughout this activity.

Once the countdown began, the pressure was on and we had to work together to unlock the compartments on Emilia's case that was positioned on the table. And with each opened section? More clues were unveiled. Whether it was going through biohazard documents, finding hidden meanings in books and secret URLs or putting together a tricky puzzle, each element of the activity led us a step closer to solving the case. By using our team's resources, including handy code-breakers to translate missing digits, we managed to use our lateral thinking and detective instincts to piece together the real story. 

The DesignMyNight Digest 

Although the weight of humanity was in our hands, our team managed to complete the challenge just in time. The best bit? We scored 100/100 and didn't ask for any hints (cue hair flick). This experience was a really great way of breaking us out of our comfort zones and trying something new. I liked how we were split into smaller teams and had to use our individual skills and good communication in order to unearth the truth.

  💰 The damage: £39 per person for a group of 15.

  📍  The location: Any remote space in London.

  👌 Perfect for: Large group get-togethers and office team building days.

 ⭐ Need to know: Try and stay organised as the paperwork can get pretty out of control.