New bar spy - Smash Wimbledon

Smash Wimbledon Serves Up Olympic-Grade Ping Pong Tables & Artisan Pizza In Hear Of Wimbledon

Smash Wimbledon

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What they say:

Opening on The Broadway, Smash Wimbledon is a new bar that couples fun games of ping pong with artisan pizzas and hand-crafted cocktails. The venue promises four Olympic-grade ping pong tables, where guests can challenge their mates and battle it out to take home the coveted winner's crown. Supporting all the bat-on-ball action, the bartenders will serve craft beers from breweries across the world and a range of classic and contemporary cocktails, all flaired and mixed in the most creative ways. Completing the party vibe, guests will be able to enjoy fresh artisan pizzas, rolled by hand in the kitchen, topped with tasty ingredients and cooked in the venue's special pizza oven. 

What we say:

Ping pong bars are definitely not a new thing in London; it feels like a new one opens every other weekend. But 'good' ping pong bars are a completely different kettle of fish. Creating a relaxed, laid-back vibe is a lot easy to say than do, but the team at Smash Wimbledon seem to have cracked it. Tapping into the area's obsession with anything remotely similar to tennis, the coupling of great cocktails, fresh pizzas and frivolous games is a proven formula and will unquestionably draw in Wimbledon's young and after-work crowds. Expect big things from this new southwest London spot.