Roll up, roll up. With cabaret, high kicks and a club night all at once, Rah Rah Room promises you the ride of your life in the West End.

The Venue

Located just underneath the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus is Rah Rah Room: an underground basement club filled with big acts and even bigger heels. As you descend into the den of iniquity, dimmed lights, banquettes and velvet seats all promise the kink, pomp and debauchery you came for. Pick a ticket to reserve seats in the stalls or plump for the standing balcony option to save pennies. However unless you want a bottle of red with a restricted view on the side, invest in the stalls reservation where you’ll not only enjoy a great view but table service, too. Attendees won’t be the only ones making the most of the cosy layout - expect performers to mingle amongst the audience, perhaps even pinching a sip of your prosecco as they strut to the stage.

Expect performers to mingle with the audience at this immersive night of debauchery and high kicks.

The Performance

Each weekend the walls of Rah Rah Room shake with show tunes, slight of hand and raucous laughter. On Saturdays Kitsch Cabaret descends, MC’d by the outrageous and equally ostentatious Aussie Reuben Kayne. His wit and white diamante tailcoat are as dazzling as each of the acts that he introduces, and he soon has the audience eating from his perfectly manicured mitts. Each entertainer is as impressive as their outfits, including tassle-swinging singer and burlesque dancer Amber Topaz and glittering glam queen of drag Alice Springs. Magicians and aerial acrobats add to the show to leave you truly spellbound. After the acts have all taken their final bow, false eyelashes are swapped for fresh DJ tracks for Beat le Freak. The weekly club night features an impressive list of resident DJs and a bar open until the early hours, so you can put on your own show long after the cabaret has finished.

Glittering glam queens and aerial acrobats take centre stage before the Beat la Freak DJ night gets into gear.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

“Hag” do’s, date nights, birthdays, office parties and groups of giggling friends. Rah Rah Rooms attracts a broad spectrum of revellers - the only thing you can’t be is shy. You’ll be sat in close quarters during the cabaret act, so be prepared to rub shoulders with others in the audience as you revel in the show. Expect to end the night on a high with an aching stomach and stinging palms from the endless laughter and applause that you just can’t help but give. Some cabaret-goers may slink off after the show, as city slick twenty-somethings keen to strut their stuff spill into the underground party venue.

The broad appeal of the Rah Rah Room draws an eclectic Saturday night crowd.


If frolics and flirty fun are what you’re after, you’ll find everything you want and more at Rah Rah Room. So don’t be a drag - slip into your glad rags and join in. Try not to fall for the charming ways of the MC - we just couldn’t help it.