I personally love indie music; both to listen to when out, and also to bob about to in a club while I'm donning my done up to the top polo shirt, skinny jeans and converses (a combination often mocked by my friends). Surprisingly however, there aren't many good London clubs dedicated to rock/indie music or at least indie club nights. Obviously Camden is the hotspot with bars like Barfly, The Underworld and sometimes at Koko, but what does the rest of London have to offer?

Well... I have found a gem for you all! Recently I was tipped off about a night at Madame JoJos in Soho called White Heat. What night of the week, I hear you ask? Tuesdays - not a normal going out night (apart from for students) but my philosophy this year is carpe noctem - seize the night! You can go out, get a bit tipsy and be in bed before one on a school night - and if I'm honest, after messing around on the Xbox and Iplayer at home I'm rarely in bed before midnight anyway. 

I swung by the theatrical and quirky Madame Jojo's for 8pm, with three bands taking to the stage from 8:15-10:30 - there are different acts on different nights so check out the White Heat listings page to see who is playing before you head down. After a veritable treat of London live music, the DJs take up the baton, playing one brilliant indie tune after the other right through until 3am. Expect anything from Mystery Jets to LCD Soundsystem. 

A huge bonus is the variety of drink deals that are up for grabs. Snap up a vodka and mixer for just a couple of quid, and bottles of Stella are also a very reasonable £2.50. The crowd are predominantly in their 20s; with a spread of students and indie-types mixed in with some Soho players chancing their arm at an indie night! A great blend of people. There is an 18 year old minimum age on entry.

The back catalogue of bands that have played at White Heat is pretty damn impressive: The XX; Klaxons; Friendly Fires; Foals; Clor; Women; Shy Child; New Young Pony Club have all graced the stage at one point or another...

Could this be one of the best Indie nights in London? Yes, I really think it is. For a change, don't head directly to Camden and try White Heat at Madame JoJos; the struggle at work the next morning will be worth it.

Grab yourself a ticket here!