Boujee And Boozy In Equal Measure: We Got To Know Soho's Freedom

Published . By Ed Christmas.

freedom soho gay bar and club

This Soho bar has a little sparkle in its eye.

Like moths to a flame, tourists and locals flock to Soho for an eclectic and inclusive nightlife scene that is second to none. Buried in the heart of that madness? Freedom. A notorious LGBT-friendly bar, Freedom isn’t just boozy and boujee in equal measure, it’s the spot to find the odd celebrity or two. 

This is a venue that is sharp and fresh from the offset. Topped up with purple velvet, booths and bespoke lighting features, the contemporary look is accompanied by some of the best dressed party goers in London; they say it’s the people that make a place, and that’s true at Freedom. Did we get chatting to someone about how they’d ran into Sam Smith at the bar? Almost immediately. Are people open to chat while they chug a cocktail? Ain’t no doubt about it.

In between a Pornstar Martini (£9.60) that was sweet and unapologetically tasty as ever and a bottle of Prosecco (served alongside a strawberry platter) we not only felt VIP in our window-side booth, we watched steadily as the craziness of Soho unravelled on a Saturday night.

It is a testament to Freedom that while slick, they are not exclusive; they clearly thrive off of the different types of people that visit. If you find yourself out in Soho looking to dance the night away with all your distinct and wonderful friends, Freedom will welcome you with open arms. And while you’re wondering? I wasn’t lucky enough to fan-girl over a celebrity this time round, but everyone loves a trier... so I’m going back for seconds.

Freedom can be found at 66 Wardour Street W1F 0TA.