New bar spy - Disco London

70s Manhattan, Reborn in Soho

By Lateef Okunnu.

Disco London


Venue Closed

What they say:

Disco London is a club that pays homage to everything cool about the decade that saw the creation of disco-chic. Disco London will celebrate what was the epitome of cool in the 70s - expect an Andy Warhol feel mixed with the disco takeover; which was the centre-piece of the culture and ethos of the time. A chic environment leaning towards the glamour of Disco music - think David Lynch's Gucci advertising campaign. Expect brilliant music (with DJs exclusively using Vinyl), and a fun time party vibe in one of London's newest and coolest clubs. 

What we say:

The Inception group paid homage to Silvio Berlusconi's Bunga Bunga Parties with the aptly named 'Bunga Bunga', they saluted the first female Prime Minister with 'Maggie's', they kick-started the London secret speakeasy movement with 'Bart's', they celebrated the endeavours of famous traveller Phileas Fogg with 'Mr Fogg's' and now they will glorify not what people in 2013 think was cool in the 70s but what was actually cool to people living in the 70s.