Since its opening in 2009, Cable has been an influential venue, promoting underground electronic music with a refined forward-thinking attitude. Now it is truly one of the top clubs in London and favourite destination of late-night and after-party clubbers.

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The nightclub main entrance is in Bermondsey Street Tunnel which underpass viaducts are very close to London Bridge station. Inside it's pretty grimey, with ventilation tubes and iron made balustrades giving an industrial feel of an ex-factory. It's split in two main rooms and a third smaller chilled area with sofas, which is particularly handy when the wee hours come by! The smoking area is a bit too far from the dance floors and not looked-after at all (so you won't spend much time there) while the bars are well-organised and fast to serve. The audio system, provided by Nova, is really good and this is a fundamental feature all clubs in London should have.

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Music and Atmosphere

Cable weekends are pretty diverse, each day would have specific music and relative crowd:

• Fridays (10.00pm - 6.00am): dubstep, drum & bass, dub, bass, dancehall, grime, hip-hop

• Saturdays (10.00pm - 6.00am): house, deep and tech, electronica (WeFearSilence) 

• Sundays (5.00am - 1.00pm): techno, minimal (Jaded)

Other sporadic events could be hosted on weekdays, Saturday mornings or Sunday nights. Every night attracts a different crowd, but the raving attitude will always be a constant: not recommended to the faint-hearted or chic revellers. I recently attended a Sunday after-party with Gary Beck as headliner, getting there at 8ish in the morning. If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere or just booted out of a closing club (this is what happened to me and my friends) on a Saturday night with the desire to keep the party alive with a morning escape, Jaded at Cable is all you need.

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Cable's policy is to rate the music quality rather than worrying too much about its appearance: it could definitely be compared to Fabric but on a smaller scale, with average entry fees / drink prices and well selected line-ups. Among all London nightclubs, this is perfect for underground electronic music lovers, hardcore party kids and late-night sleepless workers.